Thursday, October 22, 2009


You know how I have been whining and complaining about how I need to practice my photography? Well, Hayley called me up yesterday and asked if I would go with her to take a friends senior pictures! I was pumped.

And can I just say that I was just amazed how fun learning can be! I absolutely loved it. I cant wait to do this again!! I know it will take me a LONG time to get to the point where I want to be at, but I am just loving the whole learning process!

Anyway. Enough about me and my happiness. :)

We met Tara and her mom downtown and roamed around for a while. I think we are going to try to meet up with them again soon, due to the fact that the sun set way to quickly. We had more outfits to shoot her in and we didn't have enough time! But here are a few pictures from last night. I will probably post some more once we finish her other session, but I wanted to show you a few.

Until next time...


Raine said...

Wow. Those are great. Yippee for you! :)

Hayley. said...

Yay! They turned out good!

Amanda said...

oh my gosh! its my tara bear!!! I love that girl!

Anonymous said...

Good pictures! Can't wait to see more!