Friday, October 30, 2009

My Finds

Oprah had a coupon (on her website) for 50% everything at Payless that ended today. I will give you three guesses as to what I did this afternoon. :)

Check it out.

Zachariah is outgrowing his current shoes, so we snagged him these adorable Airwalks. And if you think they look cute in this picture, just wait till you see them on him. Stinking adorable.

The last pair of boots I owned was back in 2004, when Daniel and I were dating. When I wore them I realized that the heel was so tall that it made me taller than my boyfriend. That was not cool. So I pretty much gave up on boots.

...until these. The heel is a good height and they can be worn with jeans or with something a little dressier. I was in desperate need of a black (and brown) shoe that did not resemble a flip flop, and I was so happy that I found it!

I'm not going to lie... this style of boot is so not me. But I am hoping I can pull them off anyway. Because they were so incredibly cheap.

And now for my favorite find of the day. Remember how I mentioned I wanted brown shoes too? Well. Low and behold, my new babies.

I was originally just wanting a brown boot that I could wear under my jeans. I didn't care what they really looked like cause they would be covered up. But boy howdy. I love these so much that I am going to cringe if they are covered by a ratty old pair of jeans!! I may need to go out and find a cute skirt or dress or something. I am still iffy about being able to pull off "that look" though.

I mean, tell me these aren't cute? Go ahead.

Never mind. I will get self conscious if you do that and then it will be a waste of money. So how about you lie to me and tell me how much you love them. Ok? Thanks.

So do you want to know the total for all three pair of shoes?


Yeah. I am one heck of a happy camper.


Amanda said...

yay! they are cute, i like the colors on the brown one the best

Anonymous said...

Very cute boots and shoes.


Anonymous said...

I need some boots!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and they are really cute!! :)