Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Help Needed

Ok, I am in a slight freak out mode and I would love it if one of my blog readers could help me out.

Friday I noticed five or six bug bites on Zachariah's chest/tummy. No big deal. They are just about gone. But Tuesday afternoon I discovered six new bites on the back of his shoulder. Here is the kicker. Due to the rain, we did NOT step foot outside at all on Tuesday. That made me freak out a bit. He is being bit inside, and I am pretty sure it is when he is sleeping. And wait for it... he woke up with two more bites on his back this morning.

Here is some info:
- The bites are red and just a little bit raised off the skin. They look like a typical bug bite.
- The bites are in clusters or rows. The first set on his chest was kindof spread out, but the ones on his shoulder are almost in a straight line. (This is why I do NOT think its a regular bug bite)
- The bites do not seem to bother Zachariah at all. He doesn't even know they are there.
- I only notice them after he has been sleeping

We don't have any pets, and Zachariah has had flea bites one time before (while on vacation to NC), so I have pretty much ruled those out.

My biggest fear is that bed bugs are biting him. I did a lot of research on them and they just flat out CREEP ME OUT. Out of everything I have read, our home would not be the "typical" place that would acquire bed bugs... but now I am just paranoid about it.

Does anyone know what might be the cause of Zachariah's bites? Has anyone had this happen before? I am going to be making some calls today, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has some info for me that would calm my nerves.


Raine said...

A friend of my once had a bed bug problem. It was was obvious by the tiny droplets of blood left on his bedsheets from the bed bug bites. Read up on it. It's the biggest sign that you have a bed bug problem.

Here's something to think about: What if it isn't bites? What if it's an allergic reaction to something? New soap? New detergent? New food?

Amy Lynn said...

I read that as well. I inspected his sheets and mattress this morning and I have seen NO droplets of blood. So that makes me feel a little better.

Daniel also is wondering if its a reaction. I guess I always considered allergic reactions to be a rash as opposed to looking like a bug bite. I am going to need to retrace my steps and see if I can think of something new he has been exposed too...

Thanks! :)

jamie b said...

does he get hot at night? could it be heat rash? bryan breaks out when he gets hot and it looks like bug bites. let us know what you find out!!