Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello dear readers.

I regret (but not really) to inform you that this is my very last blog post over here on That's What She Said. Not my very last blog post ever, just the last one over here at this blog address!

Blogger has served me well these past four years, but it is time to move on. My husband has created a kick butt website for me and I am soooo ready to start using it! This site will still remain "live", but it wont be updated. So don't forget to subscribe, bookmark, change the blog address on your blog rolls, change the rss or whatever it is you people need to change in order to check my blog!

Now, it will take some time for me to move my 600 something posts over to my new website, so you will just have to bear with me. If you don't see something over on my new website (for example: a certain recipe or photography or vaccine post) you may feel free to come back here and search for it. Everything WILL eventually make it over to the new site, but again, it WILL take me a little while.

Anyway! Without further ramblings, here is the link to my new blog/website/awesomeness!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This past weekend I headed out to take some pictures of our friend's nephew. He is almost two and just about the sweetest kid on earth. Lucky for me he had NO problem warming up to me or my camera! Seriously, I am thinking about hiring this kid out to give pointers to other toddlers I photograph. The whole time I was with him and his mom he was just so sweet and chill. Seeing as how MY kid tells me to stop taking his picture every time I bring out my camera, it was very refreshing to be around a toddler who didn't mind me and my camera following him around! :)

Without further adieu, here are a few of my favorites from our session!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Fast Food Breakfast

I love breakfast.

I mean, I really love breakfast.

And these days I have been craving a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from Burger King just about every morning. Besides the fact that it is a complete waste to buy breakfast every day, I am not ok with feeding myself and my baby that much fast food JUNK every day. Once a week? Fine. I wont lose any sleep over that. But every single day? No, I will seriously start feeling guilty.

To make a short story long, my favorite local coffee shop (Elements Coffee Company, to be exact) started selling breakfast. They posted a picture of their breakfast sandwich and I drooled all over my keyboard. I would NOT feel guilty about eating their breakfast because it is made fresh every morning. And lets face it, anything made fresh every morning is bound to be healthier than Burger King or McDonald's. But I still had the pesky problem of my husband not letting me go out and buy breakfast every morning!

So I decided to try to make my own. Which turns out is way easier than I could ever imagine. Its actually way to easy to justify being a for real recipe post, but I am bored and needing something to blog, so I am going to post it anyway!

Here's what you will need...

<span class=
An English muffin, two slices of bacon, one egg and a slice of cheese.

Simple, simple ingredients.

<span class=
Ok, so first fry up some bacon. And yes, I use turkey bacon. Its not quite as bad for you as regular bacon and it doesn't taste too shabby either! :)

<span class=
Once the bacon is crisped to perfection, lay it on a paper towel so the grease can drain while you make the other stuff.

And just as a side note, you can microwave the bacon if you want to make this even easier. I do that when I am even more lazy than usual. But really, its just not as crispy and delish that way, so I generally try to use the frying pan.

<span class=
Ok, now here is where you may laugh at me. I sometimes scramble and egg and then put it on the muffin, but I really like the whole fast food egg look. You know, the circle or square that the "egg" is shaped in? Well, I happen to have these cute little bowls and they are the PERFECT size!

<span class=
So here is what I do. I take one egg and beat it with a fork into that square bowl. Then I microwave it (yes, I said microwave). I nuke it for 20 seconds at first, then stir. Then I nuke it for somewhere between 30 and 40 more seconds until it is done!

<span class=
And when its done, it looks like this!

<span class=
Now take your English muffin (toasted or non. I generally don't toast mine because I don't feel like bringing out the toaster, but its your call.) and split it in half.

<span class=
Slap on the egg,

<span class=
slice of cheese,

<span class=
and a few slices of bacon.

<span class=
Close it up and wala! You have yourself a yummy bacon, egg and cheese sandwich!

So there you have it. You could have probably figured that out all on your own, but I appreciate you humoring me. :)

Friday, November 05, 2010

Two pictures

*** Disclaimer*** My husbands monitor is not calibrated, and because I am needing to use his computer to edit pictures I have NO idea what they are looking like to you folks. I know they look ok over here on the non calibrated monitor, but they could like like a pile of poo to all of you. So I apologize if my pictures are looking a bit off. One day everything will be back to normal. One day...

I just wanted to show you two pictures of my absolutely gorgeous child. Even while suffering from nasty bronchitis (yes, we went to the doctor today and he sure enough DOES have bronchitis) AND an ear infection he still manages to look like a freaking model. Gah. This kid just melts me!

Oh, and the soccer ball he is holding? He got it from the doctors office. He was pretty pumped about that! :)

soccer-ball1-<span class=

soccer-ball2--<span class=

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random Ramblings

Zachariah has been sick for the past two days.

And by sick I don't mean puke sick. I mean congested sick.

The poor guy cant breathe. He has developed a cough and he has a constant runny nose.

And he is clingy.

And tired.

And fussy.

And isn't sleeping very well.

And isn't eating very much. All he asked for/ate today was applesauce. Quite a few bowls of applesauce at that. So that makes me think his throat hurts. Well, that and every time he coughs he almost cries.

When he doesn't feel good he is pitiful and cute and cuddly.

I love the fact that he is cuddly, but I hate he is sick.

And this cough. Oh this cough freaks me out sometimes. It reminds me of his bronchitis that he had last year. And the year before.

Needless to say, we are headed to the doctor tomorrow morning. I need to get some meds into this kiddo.

And I wouldn't be shocked if I moved Z into our bed tonight. Which I have NEVER done before. So you know if I do it I am truly paranoid about him and his breathing/coughing.

Sorry I don't have a more interesting post. I am one heck of a tired mama right now.

Monday, November 01, 2010

A List

1. I hate not having a computer. Yeah. Its pretty much killing me. Who knew that toddler puke could kill a computer? I am eventually going to get a new computer, but for now I am still waiting till the end of the day to use my husbands. Its not the end of the world, but its really cramping my blogging/facebooking/emailing/photo editing style! So if you are waiting on me to get back with you via email or facebook, or if you are waiting to see cute pictures of my kid... it may take me a little longer than usual. Just know that I am getting to it all. Slowly but surely.

2. Halloween was fabulous. Well, I take that back. The day before Halloween was fabulous. Our dumb town decided to take it upon themselves to change the holiday, so trick or treating took place on Saturday, not Sunday. You know, because its apparently "evil" or something to have Halloween land on a Sunday. I know, I know. I am ridiculous to pitch a fit about this, but honestly here. There is something seriously wrong with a town thinking its ok to change holidays whenever they want!

We went trick or treating with some friends from church and it was a BLAST! We rode on a trailer through the neighborhoods and got loads and loads of candy! This was Z's first year trick or treating and he seriously loved it. He loved spending all of that time with his friends too. Win win situation for us! :)

3. I have the smallest linen closet known to mankind. I'm not lying. Our linen closet is seriously tiny. It is located in the hallway and it has four shelves that are as deep as a shoe box. Since neither bathroom has a closet, this is the only place we have to store towels/sheets. I was about to call Daniel and complain about how I cant fit anything in our minuscule linen closet when I had a thought. There are millions of people in this world who don't have a home, much less a linen closet to complain about. So I slapped myself on the hand for almost complaining about something so silly and decided to reorganize to make the best use of that space. And after I reorganized I ended up with a whole empty shelf!

4. I got my hair cut. Nothing major, but my fabulous hair stylist thinned out my hair and gave me layers so that I no longer look 12. It had seriously been eight months since my last cut, so my hair was looking a bit ridiculous. Needless to say, my hair has been MUCH happier since the cut.

5. I have watched How To Train Your Dragon no less than a trillion times this past week. No lie. Ok, maybe a little lie. I HAVE watched it a lot though. As in, at least once a day. My son has become obsessed and has taken the Netflix movie hostage. I don't know when I will be able to send it back, but its time for an intervention. I think its safe to say this movie will be on his Christmas list. :)

6. There is a ton of laundry on my bed right now. I hate folding clothes. I will wash and dry them all day long. Heck, I am even fine with putting them away once they have been folded, but I truly loathe folding clothes. And because of that 5 loads of laundry have been wrinkling in baskets and in the dryer for a week now. I am actually out of baskets to put the clean (but not yet folded) clothes in, so I bought another one today. Pitiful? Yes. Did it buy me another day of not having to fold clothes? Yes. Yes it did.

7. I hate not having a computer. Oh, wait. I think I already covered that. My bad.

8. I am getting a new blog. My fabulous husband is designing it and I am super pumped to get it up and running! I still have to do a few things before I make it public, but it is pretty much awesome. I will let you all know when the big reveal will occur.

9. I am now 25 weeks pregnant. I'm not even gonna lie. The first 4 months went by incredibly slowly, but I seriously cant believe I am almost in my third trimester. I am amazed at how normal I feel. I haven't puked in a month, my saliva production is down so much that I don't have to spit in a cup anymore, and I am just enjoying the heck out of my pregnancy! I never thought I would see this day, but I am SO glad it is here.

10. This baby is a mover and a shaker! No joke. This baby is ACTIVE. I did not feel Zachariah kick me this powerfully until my 7th or 8th month, but this little boy has been kicking and nudging me quite forcefully for at least a month now. In fact, he has started river dancing on my bladder in his spare time. Talented little guy! :)

11. Diet drinks are evil. I am constantly amazed at all the people I know who drink diet drinks. Usually it is people who are wanting to lose weight and they somehow think that drinking diet will help that. Studies have actually shown that people who drink diet drinks end up gaining weight. I have a whole blog post to do on this, but until then just know that diet drinks really are awful for you. Not like regular sodas are by any means good for you, but they are MUCH better than diet. I'll leave you with this thought: The ingredient list in diet drinks are so bad that pregnant women are urged not to drink them because it could do serious harm to the fetus.

12. My butt hurts. I have officially been sitting on the couch for too long, so I am going to go wrap this up before my butt goes completely numb. I will hopefully be (finally!) posting Zachariah's three year old pictures next time I get on here!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Shark do do, do do.

Last year for Halloween Zachariah was going to be a pirate. It was the CUTEST costume and he was in a major pirate phase, so I was pretty excited about him wearing it. Turns out he was terrified of the costume (you can see part of it here), so we returned it and he wore a Halloween shirt instead.

To avoid the same thing happening this year we let Zachariah pick out his costume and had him try it on IN the store to make sure he liked it. Wanna know what he picked?

shark2-<span class=
A shark! Why a cute little pirate costume is more scary than a shark eating your head, I will never know. But I do know that he is going to be the CUTEST shark on the block!

shark3-<span class=
Look, it even has a little dorsal fin on the back!

shark5-<span class=
Watch out world! You have a cute little boy disguised as a cute little shark coming to eat all of your candy tonight!

shark4-<span class=
And he has let me know that if he doesn't get lots of suckers, he just might chomp you.

shark6-<span class=
Don't say I didn't warn you. He is pretty fierce.

shark1-<span class=

Happy Trick or Treating everyone!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zac and Jack

<span class=
Zachariah had his friend Jack over to play today. We have had play dates at his house quite a few times, but because I am a slacker of a mom it is the first time in their year long friendship that I have had him over to play. Needless to say, Zachariah was VERY excited about the whole thing!

We had a great morning that was filled with playing and play-doh making and because of the rainy day, some movie watching. The movie of choice? How To Train Your Dragon. I think the boys bonded over their love for the movie. They had each seen it before, so it was cute to see/hear them telling each other about what was going to happen next. :)

<span class=
I don't think they could have been any cuter.

So yeah. We had a fun little play date today! And if I am not mistaken, the boys have already planned for our next play date to take place at the zoo! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Toy

bubble-wrap2--<span class=
For my OCD child, bubble wrap is the greatest form of entertainment in the whole entire world. Daniel gave him a piece of that pop-able goodness on Saturday and he did not so much as glance at his toys all day. He was on a mission. Every free moment he had (even while sitting on the toilet) was spent trying to pop every single bubble on that sheet.

bubble-wrap1--<span class=

Dear inventor of bubble wrap,

Thank you.

A very happy stay at home mom.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Name

As you probably know, I am currently pregnant with our second child. And as you probably know, we found out about a month ago that this second child is a sweet baby boy. The ONLY problem with that is that we cannot decide on a name!

I had a feeling this baby was a boy, so we had a few boy names picked out before we went to the ultra sound. But low and behold, I am just not satisfied. I LOVE the three names, but I am having doubts about it being the right name for our baby. I just don't have a peace about any of the names yet. I know that probably seems silly, but hear me out.

Daniel wanted to name our first son Nathaniel Alan. It is a name that he has loved for more than 10 years.Turns out, I don't like the name Nathaniel. Now, don't get me wrong, its a great name. But try as I might, I really could not see our baby having that name. And besides, if we name our child Nathaniel I want people to call him Nathaniel. Not Nate or Nathan, but Nathaniel. Most people don't care what your kids name is, if it can be shortened they will shorten it. Heck, they may even CHANGE the name all together! People call Zachariah "Zachary", which is a totally different name altogether. Its kinda our biggest pet peeve ever. Zac? Yes. You can call him that. In fact, sometimes he will call himself Zac. What about Z? Yes. You can call him that too. (I think my dad calls him Z more than he does Zachariah. Its a cute nickname and we use it a lot when I don't feel like typing out his whole name, so we are obviously fine with that.) Zachary? Absolutely not. That is in no way, shape or form his name.

Ok. Stepping off my soap box.

Anyway. All that to say, I was not digging the name Nathaniel for our baby. We didn't settle on a name until I was around 7 months pregnant. And when we talked about the name Zachariah I could totally see our kid having that name. I didnt have second thoughts a few weeks later, I didn't try to look through the baby books and find one that might work better for him. I was really at peace with that name for our son.

Why am I telling you all of this useless information? The answer is quite simple, really.

I need help naming my kid.

I seriously need some fresh name ideas. It is overwhelming going through a billion page baby book, in alphabetical order. I know everyone has favorite baby names, so I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if you all would suggest a few names. At least three. But I would be even more thrilled with five. And even MORE thrilled with a 24 page book report from each of you.

Just kidding about that book report thing.

Two things to keep in mind:
1. We like unique names. Not weird and ridiculous names, but ones you don't hear everyday. Names like Joe, Sam, Bob and Billy are not something we are necessarily going for.

2. It does not have to be Biblical. While we love a good biblical name, it is not a must when naming our child. Just because our first born has a biblical name does not mean the rest of our kids will.

Ok, so shout out some suggestions! It can be a list of your favorite names, a list of your kids names (provided they are boys) or just a list of names you think we might like. I will keep you all posted on the naming process and let you know if we end up choosing one of your suggestions!

Oh, and because of my handy dandy blog counter I know how many people view my blog each day. I KNOW that even though I get 0-4 comments per post, there are 50-60 people view this blog on a regular basis. I am not expecting ALL of the lurkers to come out of hiding, but if I don't have a good number of comments I will be holding a grudge. :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh The Joys

Miss me?

You better have. I have been absent for almost a week! I had two to three posts lined up for this week, one including some of Zachariah's three year old pictures, but I have had a few set backs. Ok, mainly one set back.

You see, Zachariah got sick. He had a pretty high fever and he was VERY clingy. So we pretty much laid around watching movies all day Tuesday. Later that afternoon I decided to try and blog while sitting on the couch with him.

THAT was a bad idea.

He ended up projectile puking all over me, the computer, the couch and himself. My computer immediately shut down (I assumed out of self defense.) and hasn't turned on since. So if I want to use a computer I have to wait till late at night when my husband is done working on his. Luckily I am able to access my email and facebook on my phone or I would be cut off from the outside world!

Anyway. All that to say, my computer is dead and I will have to wait until it is fixed/I get a new one to blog anything of substance. All of my pictures are on the barf-y computer.

Stay tuned. I will keep you posted on my computer situation and when you can expect to see cute pictures of my kid! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chicken Roll Ups

I am not gonna lie. This week has been crazy-go-nuts busy around here. For the normal super mom our week may seem like a piece of cake, but for a pregnant lazy mom who usually doesn't get our of her pajamas until 10 and gets back in them at 2, this has been a crazy week. Don't get me wrong, its been a good week... but definitely a busy one!

We have started potty training (which is going remarkably well this time), started our first week of homeschooling (using this term loosely. I will talk about this more in a future post), Z has officially given up his nap (which makes for more errand running, believe it or not) and we ventured out to take part two of Z's three year old pictures. Not to mention our usual errands and library runs and play dates. I am running around so much during the day, that by the time I get to sit down this little baby inside of me starts kicking up a storm! I swear he starts running a marathon as soon as my butt hits the couch. There was a time I thought he was seriously going to jump right out of my stomach!

Anyway. Enough about babies jumping. Lets talk about food!

Since it has been about 23 million years since my last recipe post I decided now would be a good time to throw one at ya.

Back when I was super pregnant with Zachariah, our friends Matt and Jamie had us over for dinner. Jamie made chicken roll ups and they were a huge hit with me and Daniel. Turns out Daniel had these when he was growing up, but I think that was a first for me! The chicken roll ups require a total of four ingredients and it is a pretty tasty meal! Anyway, all that to say, I added this meal to our menu a couple years ago and I thought I would share it with you! :)

Here is what you will need:

<span class=
Two to three chicken breasts (These are cooked. I kinda forgot to take a picture before I cooked them. My bad.)

<span class=
A heaping amount of shredded cheese (About two to three cups. Depending on how much cheese you like. I am kinda a cheese-a-holic, so I tend to use a lot!)

<span class=
One can of cream of chicken soup

<span class=
And a can of crescent rolls.

<span class=
Put the chicken in a pot and cover completely with water and boil for 30 minutes. (If they are frozen boil for an hour.) After the chicken is no longer in its raw state, shred it. There is no fancy way of shredding chicken. I wait for it to cool down a bit and then just tear into it with my hands. Its quicker that way.

<span class=
Now pop open that can of crescent rolls and break one off. Put a little shredded cheese on it, then pile on some chicken.

<span class=
Then add some more cheese!

Oh how I love cheese.

<span class=
Starting at the wide end of the crescent roll, roll it up!

Now, keep in mind you do NOT have to stuff your roll this full. Daniel dropped several hints that I did not stuff them full enough for his liking a while back, so I over-stuff them now. I started out just wanting to be a butt and see how full I could get them, therefore showing him that I NEEDED to stuff them lightly. But that backfired, because I actually enjoyed the over-stuffed version. Ha! All that to say, you may go a little lighter on the chicken and the cheese if you would like.

<span class=
Repeat with each crescent roll, and then line them up in a 9x13 baking dish.

FYI: I sprayed the dish with cooking spray first. Not sure if it is always necessary, but I ALWAYS spray things with cooking spray. Unless of course the recipe calls for buttering the dish, then I butter it. But I am very hesitant about putting things in the oven without spraying it down first. Call me crazy, but I just don't like caked on residue.

<span class=
Now this is where your cream of chicken comes in. I dump the can into a measuring cup and then fill it with half a cup of water. Sometimes I use 3/4 cup of water. It all depends on my mood. Once you decide how much water to use, mix the cream of chicken and water together with a fork.

I feel like I should tell you that the recipe I got from Jamie says to heat the cream of chicken soup and the water on the stove in order to get it all mixed together. And I'm not gonna lie... if I did that it would probably mix together a bit better. But I am lazy and I didn't feel like using a pot. So I took the easy way out. It obviously turns out just fine the way I do it, but please feel free to follow the rules and heat it on the stove. I just happen to be a lazy rebel. :)

<span class=
Now take the cream of chicken soup and water mixture and pour it all over the chicken roll ups. As you drizzle it over the tops it will fill in between each roll up and all down the center.

Obviously, the more water you add to the soup, the more mixture you will have. If you want more mixture in the bottom of your pan, increase the amount of water. And vise versa.

Now, plop it into your oven (that was preheated to 375 degrees) for 20-25 minutes, or until the crescent rolls are nice and golden.

<span class=
Here is what they look like! As you can see, I could have left it in for another few minutes to make sure ALL the rolls got that nice golden look, but I was hungry. And my boys were hungry. So I opted to take the lazy way out and go ahead and take it out.

Don't be like me.

<span class=
Serve one (or two) of these suckers with some rice, potatoes, or as we did the other night, noodles! They go with a ton of stuff!

There you have it. Chicken roll ups! Nothing fancy, but an easy/yummy meal to serve that will please even the pickiest of eaters! My three year old DEVOURS this meal, so I give it two thumbs up. :)

Here is the recipe without all of the pictures and ramblings.

Chicken Roll Ups

2-3 chicken breasts

1 tube of crescent rolls

1 can cream of chicken soup

Shredded cheddar cheese


Boil chicken breasts for half an hour (if frozen for an hour). Shred chicken

Preheat oven to 375

Roll up shredded cheddar cheese and chicken into each crescent roll and place in a 9x13 baking dish.

Mix 1/2 cup of water with cream of chicken soup and pour over the roll ups

Cook for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just One...


More will be coming soon(ish) to a blog near you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The New Playroom

Zachariah's playroom was previously located in the last available bedroom in the house. We will obviously need that for a nursery in a few months, so we decided to turn our closed in carport (aka: our miscellaneous room) into a playroom! Since it used to be a carport, the room is pretty spacious. Which makes for a perfect playroom! Click here to see Zachariah's old playroom (which will become the new nursery here in a month or so).

It made for a nice playroom. It really did. But I am VERY glad that we were able to move it into a bigger space. I LOVE that everything is less cramped and there is room for lots and lots of play in this new play room!

Wanna see? Because of the largeness of the room and the lens I had on my camera, I was not able to get a full shot of the room, so I have several pictures. You will just have to piece it together in your mind. :)

<span class=
Looking in from the kitchen, this is half of the room.

<span class=
And this is the other half of the room. Just in case you were wondering this is my favorite corner of the room. The papasan chair is where I plop in the mornings to eat my breakfast/try to fall back asleep while Z is playing. :)

<span class=
To the left of that brick step is the back door. And if you walk up that step you will be walking into our kitchen. It is GREAT to be able to keep an eye on/interact with Z while I am cooking.

<span class=
This toy organizer is my new favorite thing. It doesn't hold all of his toys, but it sure holds a lot of them. Every toy has its place and Zachariah is OCD enough to want to keep it all neat and tidy. Fabulous!

<span class=
And this is our school/art corner. Those containers hold everything from school workbooks to play-doh. I LOVE having everything all in one place!!
Anyway, that is the quick tour of the new playroom. I am beyond thrilled with the space. I know kids don't need a playroom, and I doubt our kids will always have one... but while we have one I am enjoying the heck out of it!