Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Last night Daniel and I were trying to decide on a movie to rent. I cant tell you the last time we actually rented a movie... I cant think that far back. We have a plethora of movies that we own, my brother has rented movies and brought them over to watch, and we have watched rented movies at friends houses. But we ourselves have not rented a movie in forever. So we were trying to decide what we wanted to watch. I had not heard of most of the movies that were new releases, so we ended up with The Holiday. So the long and short of it is, we watched The Holiday and I liked it. I wont go out and purchase it or anything, but I definitely enjoyed it!

Anyone got any movie suggestions for the next time we get the bright idea to rent a movie?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shower Power

I had my first baby shower last week.... so I decided to post a picture of all the stuff I received.

Just cause I can.

We got a nice supply of diapers and wipes (wohoo!!) that you can see on the bottom shelf and in the basket on the floor. On the middle shelf you will find bath stuff, lotions, bottles, etc. On the top shelf there is a plethora of blankets, washcloths, adorable towels with hoods, and some cute toys. To the side of the changing table sits our monitors, bottle warmer, bathtub, and a mobile for the crib.

And below you will find the CUTEST little robe in the world. Yeah, it has a Lion hood.

And because I am a slacker, this is officially the first picture I have taken of my pregnant belly. I am officially 21 weeks along (5 months). Ignore the gross teacher tan line. (ugh)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Boy Oh Boy!

As most of you know, Steve was the winner of my prediction game!!! For Steve's prize we have decided to name our little boy after him. So in September you will be able to meet baby Steve-o Titus.

Ok really... I cant come up with a freakin name. I have two I am debating between... I just cant find the perfect middle name for one of them. If I could come up with a perfect middle name to go with the first name I like I would be sold. But thats another post for another time. Give me another week and then I will be coming to you asking suggestions for that name. sheesh. how pitiful am I?

So, Daniel was a massive party pooper tonight. I woke up from my first shift of sleeping (7:30-10:30ish) and soon after that Daniel comes to bed in hopes of sleeping. But goodness knows I am wide awake now... so I expect him to actually carry on a conversation with me for a little bit... but noooo. He becomes cranky butt and actually goes to sleep. Sheesh. What is the world coming to? So that leaves me here, to ramble on, and on, and on...

ok. I am off to go check my Myspace and Facebook accounts. (yet again, pitiful)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Boy or Girl?

I am going to the Dr. to find out the sex of our baby on Wednesday. That is in two days!!!

What does that mean?? Prediction time! I am apparently in desperate need of entertainment around here...

So give me your predictions people!! Do you think I am having a boy or girl?