Thursday, October 08, 2009


Zachariah loves instruments. And I am not kidding. It is almost an obsession. He loves anything that makes music, but his top three favorites are the guitar, drums and piano. He has previously acquired a keyboard and a tambourine, and received a drum, maracas, recorder and guitar for his birthday. So it is safe to say that we have several jam sessions during the week.

And he is apparently VERY serious about his jam sessions.

And on a side note... if that picture didn't make you laugh out loud then there is no hope for you ever finding your sense of humor. Ever. I mean, that is just freaking hilarious!

Anyways. Moving on.

During this particular jam session, Zachariah became extremely lazy.

Or he may have been a little annoyed at me for taking pictures. That happens a lot around here.

Yeah. He definitely did not want to be photographed. He is punishing me by pretending he has no interest in the guitar whatsoever. "Oh look, a book. Let me casually read this in hopes that Mom will leave me alone."

And just when he thinks it is safe...

BAM! I take another picture.

Dang it. He is mad at me again. *sigh* Fine. I will leave him alone.

For now...



Raine said...

Poor, kid. *wink*

The picture where he is playing the guitar is gold...the intensity... :)

Anonymous said...

love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture. I definitely cracked up. Please send over the guitar and drum next time he comes. He and Poppie need to jam together!!


jamie b said...

i think you could win an award for that awesome picture!