Friday, October 16, 2009

New Library!

Zachariah loves the library. He likes to read, but he really likes to run through all the bookshelves trying to convince me he is lost. The library that we frequent has recently changed locations. The old library's "kid section" consisted of two buckets of books supposedly for toddlers. *insert eye roll here* But the new and improved library came with a new and improved children's section! It really isn't a section as much as it is a room. A nice, big, spacious room.

Seriously, this is probably the closest thing to heaven for Zachariah at this stage in his life. I mean, check out the running space in between the shelves!

When Zachariah is not using the library as a running track, we usually do the whole "library thing". You know, reading. But Zachariah doesn't just sit down in a chair and read. That would be to logical. Instead, he sits on every single surface in that room, and for every new seat he usually gets a new book. It is actually pretty hilarious to watch.

Now that the library is in a new building, Z takes a break from reading to walk up and down the steps in the reading corner. He does this for approximately 5 minutes and then flops down on the super cool red piece of furniture. (I am still trying to figure out a way to sneak that out of the library and into my car. So far I have got nothing.)

Then after the stepping and the flopping we go back to reading in different locations all across the room. And playing on the computer.

Then we start the cycle all over again. And again. And again.

Its makes for a crazy outing and I have to make sure to take my patience with me, but I love that the library makes him so happy. :)


Amanda said...

that is awesome. this kid gets cuter every day i swear.

Raine said...

Awesome. That is fantastic that he loves the library that much at that up. Plus, I'm stoked to know that the new NW branch is open. :)

Anonymous said...

Kids section looks great. I think I'd like it there too!! My excuse for running between the aisle would be to chase Z. : )
He is tooooooooo cute!!
Love that kid,

Anonymous said...

Makes us all want to go there! He sure does keep you busy! Enjoy these times before he is grown, it will happen before you know it!