Monday, October 19, 2009

Blooper Reel

This weekend I forced Daniel and Zachariah go down to the Veranda so I could take Z's two year old pictures. Well, I didn't force them. They actually went quite willingly!

Apparently two is an age that is just about impossible to photograph. Especially if you don't go into the whole thing with a lot of patience. Now I know why people hire professionals to do this. I have no clue how my photog friends get the amazing shots of toddlers that they do. I find it just about impossible!

Just for fun, here are a few "bloopers" from the shoot. I will post some of my favorite shots later this week. :)

This last one made me laugh. My kid is such a goofball!

Oh, and on a side note... I did so much squatting and bending down during this that my thighs are KILLING ME. If that is not a sign that I need to work out, I don't know what is.


Whitney said...

These are too cute!

Raine said...

It's like a baby bird waiting for a worm to drop in it's mouth. ;) He cracks me up. The last one is like, "Wait, Mom. Give me a second to warm up." ;)

Wren said...

hahaha He gets cuter and funnier all the time!

Anonymous said...

Still adorable. I love bloopers!!


Anonymous said...

haha, awesome...he looks like he was in a very talkative mood.

jamie b said...

love these!

Anonymous said...

He is still the cutest!!

Amanda said...

second one needs to be framed... i LoLed for real here. Can't wait to see him at x-mas