Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Reader I am Not

I used to read ALL the time. I couldn't put a good book down once I started. So it was not uncommon for me to read a couple books in a week. Ever since I graduated high school (4 long years ago) I have just stopped reading books. It doesn't really interest me anymore. My husband on the other hand reads like crazy. He has a whole bookcase full of books that he says I will love... And I am sure I will. I just don't want to read them.

All that to say, Daniel bought the book Sex God by Rob Bell. I have read the first chapter and I could probably write 5 different blogs on that one chapter alone. It was great. The book is amazing. And let me remind you, I have only read one chapter.

School is out in 5 weeks. So I am sure you will be hearing more from me about Rob Bell after that. Until then, let me just say, I love this book.