Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekly dose of AGT

Each week seems like its getting worse... so I am definitely looking forward to next week when we can actually get on with the competition and stop the silly auditions (I understand it is necessary, but still annoying). So here are my two favorites. They are both singers, and I think they are both fabulous. You decide which one you like better.

The first one is a guy named X.L., and I think he has such a beautiful voice, and not to mention an uber cute kid. (go to 1.15 to skip the intro stuff)

This 40 year old woman is freaking amazing. When I was watching the video on you tube, Zachariah was sitting in his high chair doing a little dance. :) I cannot wait to see more of her. (to skip the intro, go to 1.25 of the video)

The honorable mention go to this cute kid, Skakes, who is a pretty good break dancer for a 10 year old! (and I cant find a video for him... so I apologize for that) And then Ronny B gets the award most horrid act preformed. But yet, somehow managed to make it through. (it actually is pretty funny though) sheesh. What is this world coming to?

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Hayley. said...

i'm loving Emily! (I think that was her name). She's amazing...makes me want to go to her church :)