Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The dreaded word

I have had to start using the word "no" a good bit lately. Zachariah will crawl over to an outlet (to try and take the covers off), or to a trash can (so he can dig for buried treasure I guess). Or, his favorite, crawling over to the extension chord that is in our living room (it makes a good jump rope for babies). When he does one of these many things I will walk over, give him a very stern look and tell him "No". What does he do? Laughs his freaking head off. And the sterner I get, the more he laughs. I am not kidding. He will actually topple over on the floor he is laughing so hard. *sigh* Were going to have to nip this in the bud.


Hayley. said...

This kind of stuff only happens to you. :)
I wanna see this toppled over laughter!

I'm gonna be the cool aunt that never has to discipline haha...but knowing me, I would be overly protective and freak out if he even looks at the extension chord.
(When I babysat the Kendricks for a week, I didn't even want them running in the atrium where the kids all run crazy every week because I was scared I would lose one and not know where they went! That's just me lack of mommying I guess!)

jamie b said...

that's hilarious! i think bryan may have laughed at a couple of my "no's." I guess we look silly. hehe

Anonymous said...

I'm trying this again. It's not publishing my comments.

I thought I would die laughing when you had to tell him no over here the other night. He really does get a chuckle out of it, doesn't he.