Monday, July 21, 2008

A few updates on my little man

- Zachariah celebrated his first Independence Day this year! He didn't stay up late enough to get to see any fireworks, but he did get to chow down on some yummy watermelon after a relaxing swim. :)

- Earlier this month Zachariah turned 10 months old! Which means only 2 months to go until his 1 year old birthday. That is just crazy people. I cant believe my baby will be 1 year old soon. ahhh. Someone tell me where all the time went???

- He is totally off baby food and loving the world of table foods! I have not found a food he doesn't like. But his favorites as of late are Grilled Cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, scrambled egg yolk, and zucchini and squash fritters (I am going to post the recipe to that soon). He has been teething since 4 months old, but still doesn't have a single tooth! But he somehow manages to get all of his food down. So I guess that's the only thing that matters. :)

- Our most exciting milestones have just happened in the past couple days! He started pulling up all by himself, and he has said his first word, which happened to be "Da Da"! Needless to say, we are very excited (and Daniel is still on cloud 9). He has been EXTREMELY close to saying "up" and "momma". So I have a feeling one of those will be next. Oh! another cute thing that he has been doing is pointing at things with is index finger and at the same time, mumbling something that sounds a lot like "this". Heck, maybe that will be his next word. Its so freaking cute.

Anyway, those are some updates on my little monkey. I am sure I will be updating again in the near future, seeing as how it seems like he is doing new things CONSTANTLY!

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rachel freeman said...

WOW! So exciting...first words, pulling up! I'm sure nothing can take away those special moments and excitement for what is to come. Oh and by the way happy belated bday! Cutie pics of you when you were little.