Thursday, July 31, 2008

A bit late...

I am a little late with this weeks update on Americas Got Talent. So I apologize. But somehow I think that everyone made it just fine. :) Anyway, this week there were two acts that I thought were pretty good. The first is an Ozzy impersonator... which I usually find annoying. But Sharon was actually pretty impressed. So if you can be good enough to impress the guys wife, I think you deserve to move on. The second group is called The Cadence. And I LOVED them. Not just because their group has a freaking awesome name... but because they are so cool. (go to the 50 second mark to skip the intro)

There were two singers that made it through... this woman who had a touching story (and I thought she could sing pretty good), and then a soldier who had been in Iraq. But I honestly didnt think either one of them was anything special. Oh well. Next week is a 2 hour show where all the contestants compete, then they narrow it down to 40 contestants. Then the real fun starts.

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