Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun age!

Zachariah is at such a fun stage in his life. I am enjoying him so much more recently. He isnt a "baby blob" that just eats and poops anymore. He is mobile(therefore less clingy), he is more perceptive that I ever thought a baby should be, his personality is coming out like crazy, he loves to play with his toys (even by himself!), he is smiling and laughing all the time, and he is trying his darnedest (how the heck to you spell that?) to carry on conversations- in baby language of course.

Along with all of the other perks of this fun age, Zachariah and I have developed a new morning routine that I have come to look forward to. Every morning after breakfast, I will turn on a Baby Einstein DVD while Zachariah plays with his toys. As soon as he sees me sitting on the couch he will crawl on over, and put his hands in the air for me to pick him up. Then we will snuggle on the couch for 20-30 minuets watching his movie. It is the cutest thing ever. He is so cuddly during that time, and I absolutely love it.

Here is a picture of us watching Baby Einsteins yesterday... in our PJ's of course. So excuse the horrid I-just-woke-up-and-haven't-showered-or-applied-any-makeup look that I am so wonderfully sporting.


jamie b said...

How SWEET that you have a cuddle bug. He is so precious. And, you don't look horrid at all. Very content is how you look!

The Journey said...


So sweet! Bonding time!