Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Search Continues

Per our regular Tuesday night routine, we watched America's Got Talent last night. This week there were several contestants that were good... but I only found one that I LOVED. Daniel and I liked this guy from the get-go, so I wanted to share with you the video. It really is quite spactacular, and he is quite frankly the most adorable 71 year old ever.

Then there was this group of cloggers. And much to my surprise, they were really good! If you don't want to watch the intro to them, just skip to the 30 second mark on the video. Thats when their act begins. :)

Now I wont post this video, but I will provide a link to Busty Heart (and boy howdy, the name says it all). So if you wish to watch Busty, then have at it. But for those of you who find it a bit repulsive to watch a woman crush objects with her XXXXXXXL breasts (I am still trying to figure out if that is a talent), then you can just ignore this little paragraph.

There are a few other good acts, but I dont want to overload you with videos, so if you want to watch more then go here.

Now for a little feedback...

What do you think of the videos? Keep posting them, or stop immediately?


Hayley. said...

Okay I hope I'm half of exciting as that old man is at 71! He is adorable!
And those girls really are talented.
Busty on the other hand...doesn't sound too great. Ouch. haha

tammi said...

so of course i had to go check out Busty Heart and OH. MY. GOSH.


That was more than a little disturbing.