Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Its that time again

Despite my lack of computer, I am still going to keep the people of blogger land up to date on America's Got Talent. (But if my neighbor asks... I was at my house all afternoon. I was NOT, under any circumstances breaking into their house to use their computer.)

Last night there were two acts that I thought deserved a spot on my post. The first of which is called The James Gang. They are pretty original, and I thought they were uber cool.

Then there was this amazingly touching story of Kyle.

I have to include the honorable mentions.
Victoria, the 11 year old contortionist was just plain amazing. And Alexandra did a pretty cool martial arts thing with her dad. I didn't think she was going to make it through... but somehow she convinced the judges, and off she went!

Then there were the hilariously awful ones. The acts that fall into the gosh awful category are the pitiful polka dancers and Billy... the guy that sings like a girl. Though I did think Billy's singing was pretty entertaining. But its not called "America's got entertainment skills", so he obviously didn't make it though.

This concludes this weeks review of America's Got Talent. Stay tuned next week for more entertaining videos!

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Anonymous said...

I agree about the story but also the voice of Kyle. He definitely deserved to go on. Also agree about the uniqueness of the James Gang, but not my favorite. The 11yo contortionist was amazing too. I thought the guy that sings like a girl was very offended that he didn't make it through. I know I didn't want to see or hear that again!!