Monday, May 17, 2010

I Think I Can

The other morning while I was cleaning up the house Z was playing quietly in his playroom. This almost never happens, so I decided to go see if everything was ok/what was keeping his attention for this long.

When I walked into the room I noticed he was building a train track. That may not seem like a big deal, but it really shocked me. You see, all he has is a beginners train track and it ONLY does a figure eight. You can not make it completely connect any other way. That being the case, Zachariah usually asks me to build the track for him and then he goes to town playing with it.

But this time he decided to start building it himself. When he saw me standing in the doorway he was more than halfway done and said, "Look Mama! I putting pieces together! I do it all by self!" He was so incredibly proud of himself. The cuteness was almost too much to bear. I couldn't stop smiling and praising him for the great job he was doing.

After he put whatever he considered the appropriate amount of pieces together, he let Thomas give the track a test run. I honestly thought he was going to get upset about the track being incomplete, but it didn't bother him one bit! He was just so proud of the fact that HE did it.

And I was proud of him to. Its funny how little things like this can make a a mommy so happy. I mean, technically its just a little ole' train track. But hearing the excitement in his voice and seeing the look on his face when he is able to do something new is just enough to make me giddy.

With that being said, I think I will go hug my little munchkin.

I hope everyone has a great Monday! :)


Raine said...

I love the next to last picture. It looks like Thomas is really flying along. :)

I love boys fascination with trains. Fisher would play with his all day.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are home and get to enjoy moments like these!! There are no do-overs and they grow up so fast!!