Friday, May 28, 2010

Like Uncles Like Nephew

Zachariah has some of the coolest Uncles around. I dare you to find Uncles cooler than his. In fact, I triple dog dare you! Anyway, you get my point. They are some cool cats. And one day I may do a post on just how cool they are, but for now I am posting about tattoos.

Both my brother and Daniels brother have tattoo's on their arms and Zachariah loves looking at them. He talks about their tattoos all the time and then promptly tells me that he needs a tattoo. And I often give into his wishes. :)

Today's tattoo of choice was a fish. And a mighty cute fish at that! After we were done applying the fish he literally jumped for joy and said, " I got tattoo!!!!". Then he made up a song appropriately titled "I got tattoo" and sang it the rest of the morning.

Adorable. :)

Have a great weekend everyone! See you next week for quite a few cute Zachariah stories and long overdue vaccine post!

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Anonymous said...

Wish Uncle Wesley's would wash off like Zac's!! :)