Monday, May 03, 2010


A week ago today we found out Zachariah had a broken forearm. Last Monday was a very long day spent at our pediatricians office and the waiting room at the hospital for x-rays.

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That evening we decided to spend a little bit of time in the backyard for some much needed fresh air. Z was so excited to be out of doctors offices that he just decided to play with every single outside toy that evening!

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He did some swinging on the play set with daddy, we played with bubbles and he played baseball. Keep in mind that he is doing all of this with a BROKEN ARM. I was cringing the whole time, but it didnt seem to bother him at all.

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He knew when something was going to cause his arm pain and he would figure out a new way to do it. Take for instance the picture above. (by the way, he makes that face every time he hits the ball. It He usually stands sideways and when he swings the bat it usually comes all the way around. But since he had a hurt arm he stood to where he could face me better and his swing was very short. He knew that if he swung the bat any harder his arm would be in a lot of pain.

Smart kid.

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And after he was done with baseball he played some golf. Apparently nothing is slowing this kid down.

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And even though it made me so incredibly nervous that he was playing with a broken arm I am so happy that he was able to have a good time on that oh-so-stressful day!

And I am also happy that we got the cast on the next day so that he wouldn't accidentally make his injury any worse. :)


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he's a tough guy! i can't imagine playing sports with a broken arm. haha! i must say he looks extra cute with his cast on. :)