Monday, May 24, 2010


Last week Z and I met up with my friend Rachel and her daughter Eva. Since the temperature is in the 90's now, we decided to take the kids for a refreshing treat at TCBY!

They were both adorable and fun, but I noticed a few distinct differences between the two kids.

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The most obvious difference (besides gender, obviously) would be their size. I mean, Zachariah looks huge compared to Eva's dainty little self! And seriously, could they be any cuter looking at the ice cream flavors?? I think not.

The next few differences aren't quite as obvious at first glance, but once you sit down and pay close attention I think you will be able to see them.

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She licked her frozen yogurt sweetly and carefully

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while he shoveled MASSIVE spoonfuls of ice cream into his mouth in record time.

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She giggled because her face was messy (which was totally adorable by the way)

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and he got a brain freeze.

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She posed with her mommy for a cute picture

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And he... well he didn't so much as pay the camera a lick of attention. (Yes, pun intended.) Maybe hanging out with Eva will get him out of his photographic rebellious stage he is in.

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Despite his knack for ignoring the camera, we had fun. And I think the messy faces were a pretty good indication of that. :)


Anonymous said...

So funny! You truly captured some great moments, and your narration of the events is perfect! Zachariah is hilarious.


The Journey said...

PRICELESS!!!! Love love love your post! Made me crack up at work!