Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sibling Love

I am the oldest of four children. My mom had three kids in three years, had a seven year break and then had my youngest brother. So yeah. Me and my brother and sister are all VERY close in age. And I love that. The only bummer is that both of them have moved off.

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My sister is working in Alabama and I only get to see her twice a year.

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My brother is in the air force and last week he he left for Japan and will be there for two years. So unless I come into a lot of money that will allow me to go visit him in Japan, it will be quite a while before I see him again.

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These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago when ALL of us siblings were in town together. I am super glad that we were able to spend some time together, but it really made me miss the good ole' days. You know, when we weren't grown ups living our separate lives. *sigh*

That being said... if anyone wants to start donating to the "Japanese Sibling Reunion" fund, that would be greatly appreciated. :)


Amanda said...

I LOVE when we get together. and yeah, the JSR fund is a must lol.

miss you! see you for our b-days!

(oh, and i'd say 3 times a year :p)

Anonymous said...

You think it is bad on you?? How about being the mom who doesn't get to see her kids!! Think how it will feel when Zac moves away!! I am very thankful that you kids enjoy spending time together! BTW there is a JPR (Japan Parents Reunion) fund to give too also! :)

Lazerwolf said...

You people don't even come close to how hard it is on me as the father. Wesley is 13 hours ahead of us, so finding a time when we can play Xbox together is impossible! And Amanda's situation is no better, considering she defected to the PS3!! It's unbearable.