Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Gifts

I know its a month after the fact, but Zachariah was super pumped about his Christmas gifts this year. I am going to highlight his favorites. And then later I am going to highlight my favorites! Because, lets be honest, parents enjoy some of the toys just as much as the kids do.

Here is the toy that he played with for three straight days. He LOVES trains. And he was very excited to get his first train set (thanks to my grandparents). Eventually we hope to move up to a Thomas train set, but this has been a good introductory one. And he loves that he can rearrange the animals, trees and signs whenever he pleases. The long and short of it is this: While this train set wouldn't be good for an older child, it has been perfect for my two year old. :)

Next up, the mega blocks. This is one of the gifts that I tried to hide for a few days after he opened it. I had to wait until I was in the mood for blocks to take over my house. Well, that mood never came, but once the newness of all of his other toys wore off I brought this out. And boy am I glad I did. These blocks keeps Zachariah entertained like nothing else. He LOVES to build. He especially loves to build with Daddy. They make some awesome robots together. These blocks get two thumbs up from everyone in the house. They are great! (Many thanks go out to Mimi and Poppie for the blocks!)

Now onto the horses. I'm not gonna lie... I am not a huge fan of these horses. Something about their faces just give me the creeps. But Zachariah loves them. He calls them by name every single time he plays with them. (Left to right: Cocoa, Gandalf, Brownie) Nana and Pops have a couple toy horses at their house and he loved playing with them, so they got him a few of his own! He is forever grateful. Thanks Nana and Pops!

Remember Zachariah's obsession with The Backyardigans? Well, his Aunt Amanda (my sister) got him Pablo (the penguin on the right) for his birthday. Much to his excitement, he was able to add Tyrone and Austin to his his collection last month!

I will be back later this week for another Christmas gift post. I cant wait to show you my favorites! :)

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Raine said...

Fisher is five and is still obsessed with trains, so hopefully Z will got a lot of use out of his train set. :)