Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guess What?

Zachariah got his cast off!!!!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for the cast removal and more x-rays to find out how his arm was doing. The doctor said that it is almost healed and there is no need to re-cast the arm, BUT the bone is still very weak so we need to restrict his play for 2 weeks. (Which is just mind boggling. I mean, how do you restrict a two year olds play?? Ah well. We will figure it out.)

Here is the first picture of Z without his cast. (Well, the first "real" picture. I have a couple cell phone pictures, but they are blurry. So they don't count.) After we got home Z sat with Dad and watched some tv while eating his sucker the nice people at the doctors office gave him. :)

As you can imagine Zachariah is beyond thrilled to have his arm back. :) He keeps walking around and rubbing it saying, "My cast off!". He is still not back to using his arm normally, but I think its going to take him a couple days to remember that he can use it.

Everyone is pleased as punch around here, and if we can keep him from re-braking it for the next two weeks we will be out of the woods completely!

Wish us luck!

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