Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Life With a Cast

We have had quite some adjusting to do since this cast has been on Zachariah's arm. The first couple days were quite aggravating for him as he figured out that he could not do things quite as easily as before, but he adjusted quickly and has finally stopped asking me to cut the cast off with scissors. Which happens to be a great sign in my book!

Over the past week Zachariah has a few of his favorite "cast friendly" activities that he frequently does during the day, and so I thought I would share some of those with you. :)

Playing with the Tag Jr has proven to be a great one handed activity for him. And after a few tears of frustration he figured out how to prop his cast on the opposite page so the book wouldn't close on him!

Some of Z's friends stopped by the afternoon that he got his cast on. They were so incredibly thoughtful and brought by some Toy Story toys for him, and he LOVES them. That is pretty much all he played with that afternoon and they have been a big hit ever since.

Another friend gave Zachariah a Toy Story coloring book with those super cool markers that don't color on anything but the coloring book pages. Ingenious. This has been great for obvious reasons, but under normal circumstances I do NOT like him coloring with markers. With this I am able to give him some room to breathe while coloring and he is able to enjoy coloring his favorite Toy Story characters!!

Eating a banana is a great one handed activity that he has been enjoying as well. Well, eating any snack is a favorite activity of his, but I just happened to have the camera out for this one. As you can see the cast has not had an affect on his silliness. :)

Is this kid not the cutest thing ever? Gah. I just love him and his cute little cast!

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Raine said...

Poor little guy. He is handling the cast so well. :)