Saturday, March 06, 2010

Random Neighbor Ramblings

Our neighbors moved.

That statement is a very common one and its usually no big deal, but we really liked these neighbors. We went to church with them for a while before we even moved across the street from them, so that helped the whole awkward-getting-to-know-your-neighbors-issue. Zachariah LOVED playing with the kids too. All three of them were older than he was, but it worked because they did so well with him. He would often stand at the living room window and tell me "Mama! Emma outside!" He loved to watch them play. And their dog. Oh how he loved their dog! Every time he woke up from a nap he would peek out of his window and say, "I see Shyanne!". (I have no clue if the spelling of that name is correct. I have never actually written the dogs name out before.)

He quickly learned that he could easily cross the street (with mommy or daddy of course) whenever he wanted to play with the kids or see the dog. And he did that often. Even if the kids weren't outside or if the family wasn't home, he would ask one of us to take him to see the dog. They didn't mind us traipsing through their yard or playing with their toys. They were just the kindest, most laid back neighbors ever.

But they are now in Texas. It has been cold out here recently, so we haven't been playing outside. But now that it is warming up, Zachariah is going to notice that the kids aren't in the front yard playing anymore. Sad.

As I am typing this there is a family with three kids playing in the yard. They haven't moved in yet, but I feel sure that they are going to be the new owners/renters.

Yike! You know what I just realized? I am going to have to retrain Zachariah! My two year old cant go traipsing through these peoples yard and up to the carport whenever he wants. I fear this is going to take a while for him to get used too. Poor kid! How do you explain to a two year old that his friends are not there anymore? How do I tell him that the dog that he loves so much is gone? How do I tell him that these new kids may not be a nice and friendly as the previous kids that lived there? And the pressing question... should I really be putting this much thought into how my son is going to react to new neighbors?

Gah. I sound like a nut job.

Please forgive me. It is 3:30 in the afternoon and I just realized I have not eaten lunch yet. I am also suffering from some major boredom due to the fact that my husband and child are taking a nap. So I am not able to have very much human interaction right now. But I wrote all that to say that we really, really miss our neighbors. We are so sad that they had to move and I just wish that we would have taken advantage of their kindness more often. HA! Just kidding. We did that enough as is.

Well, now that I have made a fool out of myself, I am off to go peek out my window like a creeper and see if I can tell if I am going to like these new possible neighbors. :)

Ta ta for now!

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