Monday, March 01, 2010

Child Labor: Part Two

Our windows needed washing and Zachariah needed something to do. Yeah... you can see where this is going. We definitely had an impromptu window washing lesson on this fine Monday morning.

Towards the end of the lesson he got little fancy on me. The two handed window washing usually comes later in the course. Ah well. I just gotta roll with the punches. If my kid wants to be in the advanced class that is fine by me.

(If you wanna see child labor: part one, click here)

Happy Monday!


rachel freeman said...

Ha, how cute! I hope you didn't find more fingerprints when ya'll were done than when you started! That seems to be my problem. Hope ya'lls Monday goes well. Let him know he's a stud helping his mom like that :)

The Journey said...

Looks like that is not the only washing going on... maybe a little BRAIN washing :)

Get him trained now and later he'll work on cruise control :)

Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey, can he come to my house next to clean? (goodness he looks so young in that first post- how old was he?)


Amy Lynn said...

I believe he was two months away from turning two. It is CRAZY how much he has changed in such a short time!!