Monday, March 08, 2010

" I King!"

Zachariah made this crown yesterday in Sunday School and he is so proud of it. Our friend (and Sunday School worker for this week) told me that she kept hearing Zachariah say "Um, I need help" throughout this whole craft. She would be halfway around the table trying to help another kid and he would pipe up with another, "Um, I need help". Hearing that cracked me up. :)

He giggles like a mad man every time he is wearing it and he runs to the nearest mirror to check himself out.

And then he shakes his head back and forth until the crown slips down around his neck, and promptly lets out a fake scream.

Don't ask. There are just some things about him I cant explain.

A big thanks goes out to Mrs. Sarah for helping my little goober make his wonderful crown! And another big thanks goes out to the three other women who rotate teaching my kid. The fact that he loves Sunday School so much makes me so happy. :)


Anonymous said...

Adorable. The crown and Z. But mostly Z calling for!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, above anonymous is Mimi.