Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Play Set

We recently acquired a rather large play set for our backyard. Our neighbors GAVE it to us before they moved off to Texas. Needless to say, we were pretty pumped. We had been holding off on buying one due to the cost, and thank goodness we did!

Now, I (foolishly) assumed that the play set would be too big for Z for at least another year. I mean, he can slide down the slide and swing on the swings, but I just assumed he would be to little to do the rest.

Boy was I wrong! He practiced climbing on the "rock" (climbing wall) until he was able to do it all by himself. Now he won't even let us near him while he is climbing up.

Another thing I just assumed that Z would not be able to do was hang on the triangles. I mean, he couldn't even reach them three weeks ago. But while I was taking pictures of the play set for this post I saw him just reach up and grab them! How the heck?!?! I have no clue how he did that.

But he was SO incredibly proud of himself. He ran up to me and said, "Mama! I did it by self!" and he hasn't stopped swinging on them since.

Just about every time he hops down he will put his hands up like this, shake his head and say "oh well. I tried." I was very confused about that, because obviously he did it just fine! But I realized later that Daniel had done a back flip while hanging on them a few days earlier and Zachariah was apparently trying to do it like Daddy. How adorable.

Anyway. I wrote that post for two reasons. 1) To show you our awesome play set, and 2) to show you that I really underestimate what my two year old can do. I really need to stop that. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Raine said...

So glad to read this post, I needed a dose of cuteness for the day. :)

Hayley. said...

I love that last shot so much!

Anonymous said...

This kid is headed for greatness!!Just wait that day will come when he aces the back flip on the triangles and we'll all be waiting for the post!!

Keep trying Zac,
Your Mimi loves you big much