Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Misplaced Airplane

If I didn't have a toddler I would never get to say things like, "I found an airplane in my dishwasher" in my day to day conversations.

And really, what is the fun in having a conversation that doesn't include a story about a misplaced toy?

Well, conversations without stories of misplaced toys are actually a lot of fun. But I rarely get to have them. So I am going to pretend that non kid related conversations are a yawn. :)

If I can get myself moving I will have a vaccine post coming in the next day or so. Just hang in there a little longer. These random/boring posts wont be appearing forever. I just need a couple fillers until I can get my rear in gear!


Anonymous said...

This is cute.


Indrabar said...

When I lived in Valdosta and was a nanny for a family there, I would find toys in the refrigerator all the time. And pacifiers. I asked the boy, who was three, why he put his paci's in the fridge and he told me "it makes them sour." I don't exactly know what that means, but it made me not want to eat things out of their fridge... lol.