Friday, November 06, 2009

Family Fun!

Last week I dragged my neighbors downtown so I could use them for some much needed photography practice. I had never even attempted taking pictures of a family before, so I was very grateful for their patience. I changed my mind and moved them around so many times, its a wonder they made it out alive! Oh, and might I add that the kids were SUPERB! I am super glad I got to practice on them. I have a lot to learn about taking family pictures and they made it easy for me to learn as I was going. :)

Without further adieu, here are a few pictures from our outing!

Here is the oldest of the children, "C". He is a very good big brother. Watching him interact with his sisters made me remember all of the fun/crazy times my brother and sister and I had together growing up!

This is "M", the oldest girl and middle child. She is a super talented goofball.
Seriously. This kid cracks me up!

And here is the youngest of the bunch, "E". She is just the sweetest, cutest thing in all the land. I love her cute little attitude!

This just melts me...

And last but not least, my favorite image of "E".
I just thought this was hilariously adorable!

Hope you enjoyed! I cant wait to show you my next practice session! :)


jamie b said...

i LOVE your photography! especially the black & white of the 3 kids. :) GREAT JOB!

Anonymous said...

Great job. Looking forward to more!!


Anonymous said...

You don't need more practice! Good job!

Hayley. said...

I love these!