Monday, June 08, 2009

Update and Picture

Update on my brother...

His fever has not gone above 100 for the past couple days. So that is good. They have finally found a medicine that is working for him. BUT in order for him to get rid of the pneumonia completely, he has to stay in the hospital for 14 more days so he can get the meds through an IV. He also has an enlarged spleen. He is VERY bummed. And bored. And really wanting to get well so he can finish boot camp. My parents are going to see him this weekend though. So hopefully that will give him a little boost. Please keep him in your prayers.

And now for a picture. While Daniel was teaching a Disciple Now for our friend's church, Z and I went over to my parents house to kill some time. The last good picture of my Dad (Pop's) and Zachariah that I have was back at Thanksgiving. So it was time to take another. And I thought it was pretty cute. :)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you caught that happy face on camera. (both Pops and Z) Great picture.