Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Day

The weather down here has been putrid. Today has been the coolest day we have had in a while, and the high was 97 degrees. Its been in the 100's the past few days though.

So, unless we are swimming, Zachariah and I try to stay indoors. You know, so we don't die of heat exhaustion. I don't even walk to the mailbox in fear of drenching my clothes with sweat. *shudder*

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to not perspire, we went to IS KIDS. WWhich is a children's interactive museum here in town. We stayed there for about an hour and a half... and Zachariah kept me busy! He was everywhere, making sure he played with every single thing they had.

Don't fret. I took some pictures. (The pictures were taken with my phone. Please excuse the bad quality.)

We started out playing with some dinosaurs (and zoo animals. but the Dino's devoured them pretty quickly).
Then we played with some train tracks and random farm animals.

Next came some music. He loved banging the sticks onto the tin trashcans and other containers they had around this area. Gave me a headache though. It was LOUD!

We went grocery shopping... and he LOVED this. He filled up his basket with every single banana they had, then put a bell pepper and carrot in there. LOL

We stopped briefly to smell the flowers. That lasted all of 5 seconds, then it was off to another station.
Onto our favorite part. Zachariah got to be the captain of a ship! He stayed up here for a while. I thought at one point he was turning the wheel so much it was going to fall off. But we were good. No pirate ships were broken during our stay. (And just as a side note... they also have dress up clothes for just about every station... but Z was NOT interested in that. I tried to put a pirate hat on him. He gave me a dirty look.)
Then he almost threw himself overboard while looking at all the "ishes" on the wallpaper.
The pirate ship had a lower deck and Z enjoyed playing peek-a-boo under there. :)

Next we drew on a big magna-doodle,
played with some magnets,

took a few guitar lessons,
hugged a wild Zebra,
chilled with some penguins,
and defeated a deadly snake (good thing too, cause it was after me)!

Whew! Told you he stayed busy. And he even ignored the "reading in the castle" station, and the coloring station. I guess those were too low key for him.

If you live in this area, I do recommend giving IS KIDS a try. Its pretty fun and they have stuff there for ages 1-12. Its a nice air conditioned place to let your kid have some fun. :)


jamie b said...

that looks like a lot of fun! i've never heard of IS Kids. We'll have to try that.

Anonymous said...

This does look like fun. Even for me!! Next chance we get, I want to take him there too.


Hayley. said...

i totally love IS Kids!! i wish i had a excuse to go more often! lol

Anonymous said...

I want to go with ac! Looks like fun!