Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Morning Walk

Zachariah woke up super early this morning (and by super early I mean he woke up at 7:15 instead of 9:00), so we went on a walk, in our PJ's, to eat up some time. I took some cute pics that I want to share with you, but first I must tell you about our dog.

I received a cute little puppy dog from Daniel on our very first Valentines Day. We had actually only been dating two months, and he went ALL OUT for that Valentines Day. He left stuff for me for three days leading up to Valentines. I got flowers at work, candy on my pillow at home, and a cute stuffed puppy dog in my car when I got out of class. That dog was promptly given the name, Baron Westminster Von Lichtenstein (long story). I have kept it ever since. I love that little puppy.
All that to say, that Zachariah went snooping in my closet and found said puppy dog. He apparently has adopted it as his own and will often carry it around with him EVERYWHERE. I have tried my darnedest to take it and hide it again so he wont ruin my puppy... but he ALWAYS finds it! This kid is good.

As we were heading out to stroll around the neighborhood, he grabbed "The Barron" and settled into the stroller. A little ways into our walk I decided to see if he would show the camera his affection for MY puppy dog.

When I asked him if he loved the puppy, this is what he did. Gave "The Baron" one of his infamous big hugs and grinned from ear to ear. How ADORABLE is that???

Then he promptly gave the puppy a kiss. Which I am a little bitter about. He hogs those kisses and gives them out to his stuffed animals just to taunt me. Seriously. He thinks its hilarious.

You may not be able to see it, but here he is making the dog sound (which is not a mere, "woof woof". It is a freaking realistic dog sound. Very impressive). He is actually making it bark at me. This kid makes me laugh out loud sometimes.

And here he let me know that he was done with the whole picture taking thing.
Stubborn kid.

Then he dropped the dog. And I didn't see. and my left front wheel rolled right over the little pup. Poor thing. It is the first dog I have ever hit, and I stop to take a picture instead of making sure he was okay. I am heartless.

But he is doing good. He cleaned up quite nicely. :)

Something tells me that with all the love Z gives this puppy, I am not getting him back any time soon. And as long as my pup keeps my kid this happy, I am totally fine with that. :)


jamie b said...

your post made me laugh :) Z is so sweet to that puppy! I think Mr. Baron found a new owner...

Anonymous said...

Entertaining as always! When am I keeping that cutie this week?

Life Lived Out said...

Z is so adorable and your picture taking skills are incredible. Great job!

Rachael said...

what a sweet post. i love that he pulled the sunshade down! he cracks me up, so cute!

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to get these pics posted on WM. Love the story!! So precious!!