Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Need Your Imput

I saw this super cool bath toy at Target today. Its a turtle shower that is designed to help babies/toddlers learn how to shower. By pushing the turtle's tummy, they control the flow of the water that comes out of the turtle's mouth.

Z hates when I dump water over his head to rinse the shampoo out, but he doesn't really give me an option seeing as how he refuses to lean his head back. So part of me thinks that this would be fabulous for him.

But before I try to convince Daniel that Zachariah "needs" this (hee hee), I am wondering if any of you have had any experience with this cute little turtle. Does anyone have any good or bad reviews? If you haven't tried it, do you think it will end up being a waste of ten bucks, or should I go for it?


Life Lived Out said...

I would love to hear if it does work cause Aubrey hates the same thing. She can't stand to have her hair washed and she never leans her head back. It is an every night ordeal!

jamie b said...

that seems way cool! we started out dumping water on Bryan's head very early. He doesn't love it, but he doesn't hate it either. He stands up everytime. It's so funny! Can't wait to hear about this gadget.