Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh boy...

I have a problem. I don't delete pictures. Ever. The type of pictures that are under exposed or too blurry to even tell what is in the image? Yeah, I keep those. I don't know why. But I have a problem with deleting. Its just SO permanent.

Daniel has been asking (aka: nagging) me to go through my pictures and delete the crap ones to free up some space. I have thousands of pictures on here of Zachariah alone. They are all organized. Every picture I took within his first year I organized in separate folders by the week. Once he turned a year old I started doing it by the month. So there are a TON of folders and a TON of pictures on this computer. I can probably delete hundreds upon hundreds that are either just horrible pictures or copies of pictures.

All that to say, I sat down to do that a little bit ago. Instead of deleting, I found myself gazing at Zachariah's baby pictures. I started going through, week by week. Just staring. Letting the memories take over.

I started remembering when my baby was one day old. Only a freaking day old! He was so tiny!
Then came the three week old pictures. Oh how I loved this picture!

Four months old...Six months old...
Seven months... GAH! He is so cute!!!!

And then all of a sudden, THIS happened:
Seriously. When did he leave the newborn stage and become a full fledged toddler? This is all a bit overwhelming.


I think I want another one.

Keep in mind that in about ten min. my son will wake up from his nap and shake this feeling right out of me. But for now, during the silence of nap time... I want another one.


Trish P. said...

I know what you mean Amy Lynn. First Z is pretty stinking adorable and I love seeing his pictures. Second, they do grow up before you even realize it and wonder where in the world did your baby go. I miss my little baby at times but am enjoying this stage. I love looking at your pictures and don't delete them if you don't want to! ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Enjoy every moment, because you can't ever get them back! Speaking from experience of you!