Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Meet Nemo. He is one of our many Pixar stuffed animals. We have one toy for each Pixar movie that has ever been released (mostly plush, but Mr. Incredible is more of an action figure).

Except I just lied. We DID have one toy for every Pixar movie... until Ratatouille came out. Then we fell behind. But we will rectify that situation sometime in the near future. Diapers are a little higher on the priority list these days.

Anyway. The Pixar toys are displayed on the book shelf in Zachariah's room. He has had this fascination with Nemo for a while now, and its just plain adorable. He has been on an underwater kick here recently, and so he loves all things "ish" (fish) and "tuh-tuh" (turtles). This phase may pass soon, but in the meantime I enjoy watching him give hugs and kisses to Nemo. :)

Stop the cuteness! It's just too much to handle!

Okay fine. I will show you one more. But then I have to stop. Because you will seriously go into a state of shock from all the cuteness you have seen on just this one blog post.

Happy Tuesday everyone. :)


Anonymous said...

Would you keep the cuteness coming, I can handle it!! Love the last one the best!

Amanda said...

too bad you aren't just missing one, you are now missing three. (Wall-e and Up)

Mrs. N. said...

These ARE cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, soo adorable!!!
I agree with your mom, keep em comin!!