Monday, June 29, 2009

Painting Project #1

Last week Z and I embarked on a new journey. One that required some of these...

That's right. We did a little painting project. We picked up a wooden door knocker from Michaels ( a whopping $1.00), a bag of children's paint brushes at Wal Mart ($4.00), then borrowed some of Daddy's paint and we were set!

(I want to go ahead and apologize for not taking very many pictures during this process. I needed to focus my full attention on making sure Zachariah didn't paint my walls.)

We started out with a plain wooden door knocker. (pretend there is a picture above)

Then I painted a base coat of blue while Z was playing. (again, pretend there is a picture above. I told you I didn't do a good job with the picture taking!)

We ran some errands while the paint was drying. Then Z sat down with a paint brush and a bowl of green paint and went to town. Quite artistic... don't you think? :)

After the paint dried (again) and we applied the wooden stickers that came with it, we had a finished door knocker!

And in case there was any doubt, Zachariah loved making it. Every time he walks by the door knob that it hangs from, he makes sure to "count" and point to all three of the bugs. Its super cute.

I am hoping to do a painting project once a week. We started out small with our first one just to play it safe. But I think its fair to say that Z thoroughly enjoyed it, and I cant wait until the next one! I will keep you posted on what we choose for our next project! :)


jamie b said...

what a great idea! he did a wonderful job painting! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh,I love it!! Thank you for doing such projects with him. This is a great tool for teaching nature, colors, and numbers since he is into counting the bugs. Preschool here Zac comes --- you know it will be here before we know it.

Anonymous said...

Neat idea! I'm glad you are home and can take the time to do this kind of stuff!