Monday, May 19, 2008

Its about time

I have only been to a "church service" 3 times since Zachariah has been born. (insert witty comment about me being a horrible Christian here) I have decided that churches (in general) make it very hard for a new mother to visit. Daniel and I feel very strongly about having our son with us. What is more enjoyable than worshiping with your family? I have never put my son in a nursery... and don't feel a huge need to do so. But I feel very nervous taking my 8 month old into a service, in fear of being "ushered out" because my baby is being too distracting (insert eye roll here). So I stress out about it and end up staying home with Zachariah while Daniel will go visit churches around town.

We visited a church yesterday. And by we, I mean all three of us. There were over a dozen children in the service, so I felt really comfortable keeping Zac in there. He made noises while he played, he flirted with a girl behind us, Daniel got up and walked him around... and you know what? No one cared. No one was phased by it. No one "informed" me that they have a nursery in hopes that I would use it. They welcomed a baby in the service. And because of that, I was able to enjoy myself.

I really enjoyed the service we went to yesterday.
And its been a while since I have been able to say that.


clint said...

Do tell. Where?

Amy Lynn said...

Breakaway Community Church.
They meet at the Fish Camp on Gillionville Road.


Anonymous said...

I can guarantee that @ St. Pat's you can have Z in the entire service and no amount of fussing or crying will get you "ushered out"... please come... everyone asks about Daniel...I'm sure they'd love to meet you & Z too!

Anonymous said...

must be a first time mom thing..i can;t wait till I have an hour alone to worship and focus on nothing more than the Lord. glad you found a cool place, though, I've seen the signs for it.