Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the market for a kick butt stroller?

Ever since Zachariah has been able to sit up, I have been in the market for an umbrella stroller. (the travel system was getting to be a pain) But quite frankly, I despise them. They remind me of a baby doll stroller. You basically have to walk while squatting to reach the handles. Which would cause some major back problems, which wold cause me to complain for weeks on end. So in order to keep the people around me happy, I wanted to avoid that at all cost. Luckily I came across this uber cool stroller on the Internet. It's still an umbrella stroller, but 10 times better.

Get this: There is a basket underneath to hold diapers and such, there are two cupholder type things big enough to hold water bottles and or sippy cups. There are quite a few pockets/pouches to hold keys, wallets, toys, etc... The stroller is extremely lightweight and the handles aren't really low to the ground! In fact, if you prefer, you can buy the stroller with Adjustable Handles for only $10 more. (which is the one I bought) Oh yeah. I haven't told you the best part about it. It has an adjustable canopy. Thats right. It locks into 542 different positions so that your child can be shaded, no matter what direction the sun is in! (ok, so I may have exaggerated a little, but its pretty close) I bought it in grey, but they also have one in pink and red.

So if you are looking for a freaking awesome umbrella stroller, I suggest going to and ordering this one or this one with the cool handles. Its a pretty good stroller for a not so bad price. I have definitely got my money's worth out of it after only a month.


jamie b said...

I love this! Did you order it or could you find it in the store?

Amy Lynn said...

I had to order it... goodness knows Albany doesnt have good stuff like this in stock. :)