Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Almost Crawling

Z is 8 months old today... and still not crawling. But he is so darn close! He can scoot on his butt a little bit at a time and end up on the other end of his play mat. He also does this thing where he will stretch himself farther than I ever imagined a baby could stretch without falling over, until he reaches his desired toy.

Notice how he is sitting... with his legs folded in front of him. If he stretches far enough he can balance on both knees for a couple seconds before his legs flip out from under him and he falls on his tummy. Poor thing. He doesnt seem to be too frustrated at the fact that bouncing on his butt doesn't get him anywhere, so I am hoping that one day he will get frustrated enough to actually go somewhere. But for now I guess I should just be happy that he is happy, even if he is immobile. :)


jamie b said...

lol he has the longest reach!

B was 9 months before he started army crawling. i think he was about 10 months before he got on his knees. it wasn't long after that he started taking steps. :) Z will get it. it's amazing how they teach themselves.

tammi said...

Immobility is NOT a bad thing!! Enjoy it while it lasts because soon enough he'll be crawling all over and getting into EVERYTHING! :) LOL

TrishandJohn said...

I agree, enjoy the immobility. Aubrey was army crawling forever and just began crawling on her knees last week. Within days she has begun pulling up on things and trying to get to her feet. She is into everything already. They certainly do things in their own time and every baby has their own time. He is adorable by the way. What a precious smile!

Hayley. said...

the sooner he crawls the sooner you wont have to worry about only walking for twenty minutes a day, because you will be running after him all day long! :)

PS in the first shot, he looks like he has an amputated leg lol