Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yay For Pixar!

We try to have a designated "family movie night" once a week. Usually we let Zachariah pick the movie, which is cute the first and second time, but by the third time it is a bit old. We learned pretty quickly that there are only two movies that he "picks". Happy Feet and The Emperors New Groove. Both are GREAT movies, but seeing them week after week gets really old. The thing is, he likes to watch other movies, but when going through the process of choosing a movie, its like his brain just focuses in on those two.

So we started picking the movie without asking his opinion. So far it has worked wonderfully! Last week we watched Cars and this week we watched Toy Story 2! Saturday was very exciting for all of us. You see, Zachariah has never seen any of the Toy Story movies before. We tried to get him to watch the first one a few months ago, but he was just not into it. So we were pleased as punch when he ended up LOVING this one!

In fact, this kid didn't move a muscle during the whole entire movie!

Except to hop off the ottoman (his preferred seat) and move it closer (And by closer I mean directly in front of) to the TV.

And then he moved because he didn't think he was close enough. Obviously kneeling gets you much closer to Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

And he did get up to gallop around like Bullseye for a little bit.

Ok. So I fibbed. He moved a muscle or two. But he did remarkably well for a toddler. And if we can get through a movie without Zachariah begging for Happy Feet, then it is considered a success!

I love movie nights.

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