Monday, January 04, 2010

Big News

First things first. I want to thank all of you for voting in the poll and commenting about Zachariah's hair! I was really having trouble deciding what to do, but you guys have helped me out a good bit. I have decided to trim the back a little and hope that it gets thicker with time. I am wanting to trim it this week and if I really on the ball I will show you some before and after pictures. :)

Now, onto the real reason for this post. I have news. BIG news.

Are you ready for it?

Zachariah spent his first night away from home this past weekend.

(No, not THAT kind of news! Sheesh.)

Yep. Its true. Friday night he packed a bag and drove himself to Mimi and Poppie's house. Well, I packed the bag and Daniel drove, but you get the idea. I was a bundle of nerves but Daniel took me to see Avatar in 3D, so my mind was a bit distracted for a while. :)

This was a big step for me. In all of his two years of life, my baby has NEVER spent the night away from home. But Mimi and Poppie were itching to have him over, so we figured we might as well try.

And good thing we did! Because Zachariah had a blast. Seriously. He talked about spending the night over there for two days after the fact. And he cried when we picked him up. Oddly enough, I loved that he didn't want to leave. It made me feel good that he had that much fun. It will definitely make it easier to leave him the next time. Heck, I have already started planning the next sleep over! :)

Oh, and he picked out a cute little suitcase for his "overnight bag". He LOVES that thing. He pushes his suitcase all over the house. Its adorable. But what else is new. Everything my kid does is adorable.

So all in all, this slumber party was a great success. And surprisingly enough, I didn't shed a single tear that night. Well, I think I did during Avatar. But if we don't count the movie theater, no tears were shed. :)


Anonymous said...

He looks so big with that suitcase!

Debbie Titus said...

He's growing up Mama. It was a good time. Looking forward also to the next.


Raine said...

Too cute! He looks like such a grown man. (Love the shoes, by the way)

rachel freeman said...

Wow, that was a big step. Glad you got to enjoy the movie with Daniel. He looks so cute!

jamie b said...

he is such a big boy! great pictures too! :) it's kinda fun to let them have slumber parties away isn't it? haha!