Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few random things...

I had the best intentions of getting a recipe post up yesterday, but I have been having some issues with the pictures. I should have it up sometime in the very near future though. I am actually hoping to do a recipe post once a week. I have said that before, and it ends up being more like once every other month... but I am actually getting better about taking pictures while I cook. So hopefully I can keep this going.

I have three books I am reading right now. I have never floated between this many books at one time before. I am more of a read-one-book-at-a-time kind of girl, but for some reason I have started three dang books. And by golly, I plan to finish them all in a timely manner too! One of the books I am reading is The Vaccine Book. It is a great un-biased book about the different types of vaccines that are administered to babies/children. I am thinking about doing a blog post for each vaccine that I read about (12 total). I am only on vaccine number two, but it is really interesting and I think that everyone should be more informed about what is being injected into our kids (both good AND bad). Anyway, would anyone actually WANT to read about the vaccine stuff, or is that something you would skip over?

Zachariah and I have been getting on each others nerves lately. I don't really know what to do about it, so I am just dealing. But we have really been pushing each others buttons here recently. I blame the cabin fever. And my mood swings. But for now we will just pretend I am a perfectly patient non-moody mommy. So lets blame the cabin fever. :)

Daniel went to bed before me last night. Since he is an insomniac, that almost NEVER happens. But the night before last Daniel didn't sleep AT ALL. Not a wink. So he was very tired and fell asleep sometime before 9:30. I'm not gonna lie. I really hate it when he falls asleep before I do. I HATE having to lock up the house. I am convinced that I will either forget something or that as I am locking up someone will kick in the door and kill me.

Yes, I realize that I may need some therapy. Leave me alone, I cant help that I watch to much TV! Well, I guess I can. But still.

Alrighty. I think I have done enough damage for now. If you are still reading... well, I'm sorry. :)

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Tina said...

Thanks for the recipe! I make my own granola bars but have never tried yogurt. I will find myself in the kitchen trying this out tomorrow. Happy blogging!