Thursday, December 31, 2009


I want you to take a nice long look at Zachariah's hair...

Take note of the weird front swipe going on and the flippy thing that it does in back.

And in case you need it, here is a better view of the back...

and a better view of the front...

Its a mess. Its actually coming close to the mullet stage.


Part of me wants to cut it, but the other part really wants to let it grow out. I have always wanted a little boy with longer hair, I just don't know if he has the right hair for that. I think it is too thin . Does that make any sense?

So what should I do? Should I go ahead and cut it or should I let it grow through the possible mullet stage? Did your kid have to go through a mullet stage before his/her hair got to be a "cool" length? I desperately need some other opinions.

For those of you that are to lazy to leave comments, here is a poll. But I would love some actual feedback in the comment section too. Don't be shy. :)


Anonymous said...

I think the front is super cute. I can see what your going for, but I kinda agree that it might be too thin right now. Doesnt mean it wont get thicker as he gets a little older. Id trim the back up some give it a fresh start. Josephs hair got thicker the more we cut it.

<3 Shelby and Joseph

Crystal said...

I would trim it off the collar and out of the eyes for right now. A nice clean cut! It will thicken later and you could always grow it out then. You don't want the hair to take away from his utterly ADORABLE face and eyes!

jamie b said...

i agree! get it shaped up some and let the front be able to catch up with the back. i love the shaggy boy look too, but Bryan's hair is too thin for it right now. so we're keeping it short until it thickens. i know it's hard to do a lot of that cutting, but i think you'll like it on him. He's so handsome! you could shave it all off and he'd still be SO cute!

The Journey said...

Definitely cut it. Friends don't let friends give their child a mullet!

Is he taking Flintstone vitamins yet? Vitamin E helps hair grow!

No matter what though, he is super cute!

Debbie Titus said...

I can not believe how close the votes are for cutting it vs. letting it grow. I think my vote tipped the scale just now. I just think it's too thin for long right now. But either way he is adorable.


Kimberly said...

I think it's adorable as it is...but I would definately not cut it cause once you do then it's gone. You can ALWAYS cut it later if you want to, but you can't just insantly have hair back. Of course it'll grow back, but you know what I mean. LOL! However, you have a cute kid so it's probably not going to matter what you do with his hair! :)

Raine said...

Just trim it around the back. As it grows back out it will thicken up a bit.

However, the first REAL haircut is always a tough one. It's as if they age instantly. The baby fine hair is hard to let go.

KT said...

Cut it!!! I'm all about long hair on a little boy, but as a mom to a 15 month old, I know what it feels like to struggle thru too-long, weird-growing baby hair. Sam's hair was too long over the eyes and ears, and it became a matter of practicality. It looked weird, too.

So we took him to the stylist who cuts both of our hair - a trusted individual. The haircut procedure itself was awful! Sam screamed the whole time. I was simultaneously worried about many things: the impact this trauma would have on Sam's psyche, how sad the whole experience must have been for poor Jim, the stylist, and probably most of all, what a terrible mom all the other people in the salon must have thought I was. Not fun!

Honestly, have you thought about your son sitting still for 10+ minutes while a stranger wields unfamiliar implements around his head?? Prepare yourself for the horror.

Once it was over, though, Sam was instantly happy again, as if nothing had ever happened. And his haircut was so cute!!! Also, prepare yourself for how grown-up it will make him look.

We're very glad to have cut Sam's hair, and now that we did it once, I think it has a better chance of growing out into a cute long hair style. Instead of a silly looking mullet-y thing. Like it's on a better path to long hairdom. Know what I mean?

Katie A.

tammi nowack said...

I would trim up the back but leave the front long if you're wanting to grow it out. The back is what makes it look mullet-ish (speaking as a mom of a boy with long hair) while the front grows out to match up the back. It's that in-between stage (long back, short front) that makes it look mullet-ish.

That's my 75 cents.
(my .02 cents are free)

Anonymous said...

You already know what I will say! :)