Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Few More...

Here are some more train pictures! Click here if you missed the first set of adorable pictures. :)

Do you remember Mr. Giraffe Blanket? Zachariah has actually named him ( story on that coming later), so I guess my name is null and void. Regardless of the blankets name, Zachariah is still as attached to that thing.

That being said, it did not surprise me when Zachariah decided to show off his train set to his giraffe blanket. He did this for at least five minutes and when he was done he just sat the blanket down in front of the train as he went about his business. It was absolutely adorable.

He has also decided to show off his train to his nut cracker.

Yeah. I may have the cutest kid ever.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes you do!

Anonymous said...

So adorable and fun!!