Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am itching to watch some Gilmore Girls Episodes while Zachariah is still napping, so I am going to make this post kind of short. I am sure another train post will appear on my blog in a few days, but for now I wanted to show you some pictures of our most favorite Christmas decoration!

Once you look past the wimpy artificial tree, you will see our awesome train set. Complete with snow and a village! We have some extremely thoughtful friends, and they happened to give us EVERYTHING you see under the tree. We were pretty stoked.

Zachariah's favorite thing to do is press the yellow buttons. Although all of the buttons get a pretty good work out, his two favorites are the whistle and "all aboard".

Seriously. This kid could sit here and watch the train all. day. long. And he practically does. Well, not all DAY, but most of the morning is spent playing with the train. He just loves it!!!

And here is Zachariah's favorite part of the village set. Isn't it adorable?? He sits on the floor and says "tigga tee house?" over and over. Gah! I could just eat that child up.

The older Zachariah gets, the more fun we have at Christmas! I love it!


jamie b said...

precious! it's definitely more fun the older they get. Bryan is REALLY into it this year. We are hearing lots of Gasps this year :)

Raine said...

What is it about boys and trains? Fisher ADORES them. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the train set !! Love even more how Zac loves it.


Anonymous said...

I still need to come see this!