Friday, December 04, 2009

Crews Family

Last weekend Hayley and I had the pleasure of taking pictures of the Crews family. We drove out to an amazing plantation and had fun traipsing around finding good picture spots. I could have spent a couple hours just walking around, enjoying the weather and scenery. But we were trying to see how fast we could make this session, seeing as how someone had a girlfriend he was anxious to go see. :)

Seriously, I had a blast photographing this family. They were super fun and anyone that puts up with me changing my mind on poses and locations gets an A+ in my book. :)

Now, without further adieu... here are a few of the pictures from their session!

In between locations, "J" decided to do some climbing. Apparently he is known for his amazing climbing skills, so I thought this was an appropriate picture!

We made "Mom" jump in a few pictures too. "Dad" wasn't able to make it out that day, so we will just have to make sure to get him in some pictures at a later date! :)

Hope you enjoyed your pictures guys!

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