Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yertle the Turtle

Dr. Seuss bed time stories are a favorite in our household. Zachariah asks for one just about every night before bed, and Daniel happily obliges to his request.

I love watching Daniel read to Zachariah. And I love how into the story they are. They both really get into these stories.

I love how much he adores his daddy.

And I love that I can document the cuteness with the stealth of a... cat. Or cheetah. Or an aircraft. Or something. What is the phrase I am looking for here?

Gah. That is going to bug me.

Ruh- roh. I think I have been spotted.

Yep. I am definitely getting yelled at by my toddler. Apparently taking pictures during story time is not acceptable behavior.

My bad.

These pictures make me smile. Definitely worth the scolding I received from Zachariah.


I love these two.


Raine said...

Cuteness! Z has an abundance of cuteness! :)

Have y'all read the Dr. Suess book, "I Wish I Had Duck Feet"? It's Jaden & my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics!! They are both so adorable and I love all 3of you!!