Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Day

This morning Zachariah and I went to the Zoo. While we were there, we played on the super cool playground! And you know what? I did not take a single picture. *insert gasp here*

I took my camera, but then decided to leave it in the car. I wanted to play with my son, not worry about getting a really cute picture.

So we wandered around the zoo, making animal noises and picking up leaves and pine straw. Then sharing said leaves and pine straw with the monkeys. We explored every nook and cranny on the playground, climbed inside a wooden whale, slid down a bazillion slides, and pretended to ride a motorcycle. We had fun! I got to enjoy my baby and he got to go a few hours without the camera in his face.

Well... almost. I did pick the camera up to take a picture of his cute pouty face as we were leaving. :)

Poor guy didn't want to leave the animals. But have no fear, we got home and watched a Curious George movie. That is almost like being at the Zoo, right?

And no, Zachariah is not wearing the same shirt that he has on in the post below. That is just a figment of your imagination. Ahem


Amanda said...

you need to get your kid some more clothes cause... well... your banner AND your two most recent posts have your kid wearing the same shirt... way to go.

Amanda said...

oh, wait, and in your profile picture... niiiice

Amy Lynn said...

In all fairness, three of those pictures were taken the same day. But I am now feeling the need to change the bannor or the profile pic. Geeze.

Anonymous said...

Glad he enjoys the zoo and really he gets so into whatever he is doing - thus the pouty face when it is over!!


Raine said...

I love the little teeth peeking out from behind the pouty lips. That is a really fun playground!