Thursday, August 06, 2009

Book Review Thursday

I know, I know. I have missed the past two Book Review Thursdays. I apologize. But my guess is you didn't even miss them! So I am hopefully in the clear. In fact, I thought about just skipping them for the next couple weeks anyway... but then realized that I still had quite a few books that are definitely worth sharing. So I will continue on until I run out of good books.

Then I might turn this into Books I Want You to Buy My Son Thursday.

Hee hee.

Okay. On with the book review.

This weeks book happens to be made by the Baby Einstein company. We LOVE Baby Einstein. We have all of their DVD's, quite a few of their books, a couple toys, and a play mat from when Z was a baby.

I'll say it again. We love the Baby Einstein company.

This book is one of Z's favorites. But then again, he loves all of the Baby Einstein books. This one especially because it teaches him about the body parts. The real fun began once he was able to point to and identify the body parts though.

One of the great things about this book is that each page has a little mirror on it. Zachariah loves to point to the body part as we read about it in the book. On this page they ask the child to hold up their fingers to the mirror, and Zachariah usually wiggles them around like crazy. Its cute.

This is one of Z's favorite pages. He gets to hold up his shirt and find his belly button. And he likes the fact that the monkeys are taking a bath. Because well, he loves bath time. So he gets joy in reading about it.

So overall, it's a cute book, educational, and fun for kids. Zachariah has had it for almost a year now, and has loved it from day one!

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jamie b said...

that looks like a very cute book!!